Back to Basics Bootcamp is Coming!

Do you dream of a career writing romantic fiction, but need help getting started? Do you crave coaching from the best romantic fiction editorial team in the business? Are you ready to shed those unwanted words and flabby paragraphs and get your manuscript in top shape for So You Think You Can Write? Our global online Back to Basics Bootcamp is for you!

Harlequin editors are gearing up to give you the professional training you’ve been waiting for. Our Back to Basics Bootcamp will be online globally from 5a.m. to 5p.m. EST on Thursday May 21, 2015 and Thursday June 18, 2015 with tips, tricks, challenges and more! Whether you’ve finished your first, second and third drafts or you’re struggling with Chapter One, we’ll coach you from the ground up to help you put a high gloss polish on your masterpiece.

With our intensive author training you’ll have the skills you need to complete your manuscript for So You Think You Can Write 2016, which kicks off with our online global conference on September 14, 2015, and have a solid shot at the grand prize!

For details on our bootcamps and this year’s contest, watch this space, join our community of romance readers and authors, and follow us on Twitter at @sytycwglobal and @HarlequinBooks and on Facebook.

Important Dates:

Bootcamp May 21, 2015
Bootcamp June 18, 2015
Online Conference September 14-18, 2015
Writing Competition Opens September 21, 2015


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So You Think You Can Write acquires more new authors!

Meet Janet Lee Nye

SYTYCW 2014 Finalist and Debut Author for Harlequin Superromance!

JLNThe Harlequin Superromance team is delighted to welcome So You Think You Can Write 2014 finalist and debut author Janet Lee Nye to the Superromance family! Janet has signed a contract with Harlequin to publish her warm and witty romance, Man Maid. Man Maid’s hardworking heroine, Sadie, owns her own business: A maid service that sends hot dudes to clean your house! When Wyatt Anderson, P.I. for a rival company, shows up supposedly looking for a job, things get messy.

“What’s not to love about that setup?” enthused acting assistant editor Piya Campana. “A steamy romance, an emotionally complex story and a strong cast of secondary characters make Man Maid a perfect fit for our line.”

Janet began reading at the age of three and never stopped. At ten she received a diary with a teeny, tiny key, so she started writing too. “I realized my entries were much more interesting when I made up adventures.”

At age forty, she had a “if not now, when?” moment. “With the help of the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop and an amazing group of talented writers, I began to hone my writing skills.”

Then in 2012 she stumbled upon Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. “I realized why my women’s fiction novels were falling flat: my heart was in romance. I joined RWA that year and never looked back.”

Janet credits “the amazing energy and whole hearted support” of fellow romance writers with keeping her going even when she doubted herself. Welcome, Janet!

Follow Janet on Twitter: @janlnye

Facebook: Janet Lee Nye, Romance Author

Harlequin Superromance publishes four titles every month featuring intense relationships, real-life drama and the kinds of unexpected events that change women’s lives forever! Take a look at two of our February 2015 titles – available now!

Liz Talley Patricia Potter

For more titles in this series visit or to find out more about our submission guidelines visit

So You Think You Can Write is dedicated to finding new voices in romantic fiction. Through exciting contests and support from our team of expert editors and successful authors, we inspire and educate emerging authors who dream of a career writing romantic fiction. For more about what we do visit our Sold! blog.

The Harlequin editors continue to acquire new authors who submitted through SYTYCW. Check back to see who else has sold their book to a Harlequin series!

Meet Karin Baine

SYTYCW 2014 Finalist and Debut Author for Harlequin Medical Romance!

Karin BaineDebut author Karin Baine is the newest member of the Harlequin Medical Romance writing team since signing a two-book contract with Harlequin! Karin’s 2014 SYTYCW entry, Belfast Belle, was a contest finalist and very popular with voters and fans. The romance between Lola Roberts and Henri Benoit caught the eye of our Harlequin Medical Romance editors with its fresh voice and emotional warmth.

“It only took the first page of Karin’s SYTYCW entry to know that we had found something truly special,” said editorial assistant Charlotte Mursell. “It’s not every day that you come across a pink-stethoscope-wielding heroine with a penchant for burlesque dancing…or a deliciously dreamy French hero who finds love where he least expects it. We knew we couldn’t let Karin slip through our fingers!”

Karin dreamt of writing for years, but didn’t pursue it seriously until a few years ago. “The turning point came for me after my mum died in 2008, at the age of fifty-three,” Karin explained. “It made me realise that although I was a wife and mother, I wanted to do something just for me.”

With the support of a writing group she met through Harlequin’s New Voices competition, Karin continued to hone her craft. “With every story I wrote I discovered a little more of my voice.”

By 2014 Karin knew she wanted to write for Harlequin Medical Romance. “When SYTYCW 2014 came around I wasn’t even going to enter…but my friends talked me into it!”

Karin’s hard work and determination paid off, and she’s thrilled to begin a new phase of her life. “Right now I’m taking everything I’ve learned to improve my original manuscript and I’m very excited about the future. I can’t wait to see my debut book on the shelves later this year!”

Follow Karin on Twitter: @karinbaine1

Karin’s book, now titled French Fling to Forever, will be available in September 2015 from Harlequin Medical Romance.

Our 2014 SYTYCW Contest Winner—and
THE CALL from Harlequin!

2014 So You Think You Can Write winner

Amanda CinelliEvery author dreams about getting THE CALL from an editor. Listen in as Harlequin editor Carly Byrne calls Amanda Cinelli, author of Resisting the Sicilian Playboy, to let her know she is the grand prize winner of the Ultimate Author’s Publishing Prize!

Amanda signed a two-book contract with Harlequin Presents, and her contest-winning book will be available digitally (for 1 month only) on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015 and in print October 2015.

As part of her publishing contract Amanda will celebrate her success in style with a complimentary champagne dinner for two! She’ll enjoy the expertise of an in-house publicist complete with social media training and tips. Amanda will meet the Series Creative team charged with launching her debut book and will continue to develop her career with Harlequin editor Carly Byrne.

Amanda’s love of romance was born after “borrowing” one of her mother’s beloved Harlequin Mills & Boon novels at the age of twelve. A penchant for writing soon developed as an outlet for her wildly overactive imagination.

Amanda described the excitement of getting the call: “When my phone rang I was in a busy play centre surrounded by screaming children,” she said. “After escaping to a quiet hallway and hearing Carly and Sharon announce that I had won, I was just overwhelmed with shock and awe.”

“I’ve always dreamed of seeing my name on a book jacket, and I’m getting giddy just thinking about it! This is such a major turning point in my life, a new career doing something I absolutely love. It’s a dream come true.”

Resisting the Sicilian PlayboyResisting the Sicilian Playboy’s memorable opening scene was what hooked editor Carly Byrne: the heroine, Dara, is straddling the second floor balcony of an exclusive Milan nightclub in six inch designer heels! “I wondered how she got there – and how was she going to get out? I was compelled to read on,” explained Carly.

Carly loved the rest of the book as much as the opening. “Dara is a sparky and likeable heroine and her hero Leo is true Harlequin Presents hero – alpha, commanding and gorgeous! Amanda has a fresh and exciting voice that is well suited to the Harlequin Presents series.”

Follow Amanda on Twitter: @AmandaSofia89

Would you love to get such a call from Harlequin?

Watch this space for news on the 2015 So You Think You Can Write online conference and contest. Start working on your story today!

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