Exclusive: Our 2013 SYTYCW Contest Winner—and THE CALL from Harlequin!

Every author dreams about getting THE CALL from an editor. Listen in as Harlequin Associate Editor Megan Haslam calls Tanya Wright to offer her a contract—with an unexpected bonus!

Would you love to get such a call from Harlequin?

Watch this space for news on the 2014 So You Think You Can Write contest. Start working on your story today.

Thank You for Helping Choose Our Winners!

First Prize: Tanya Wright for If Only. Tanya wins a series publishing contract with Harlequin! Associate Editor Megan Haslam has already made THE CALL and Tanya is thrilled.

Second Prize: Andie Brock for Frozen Lives. Andie wins a detailed editorial consultation on her manuscript. Editorial Assistant Laura McCallen has already called and can’t wait to read Andie’s revised manuscript.

Third Prize: DeeDee Elle for Honour of the Heart. DeeDee will receive a year’s subscription to the series of her choice. Editor Sarah Stubbs is looking forward to reading DeeDee’s revised manuscript.

Congratulations to all our top three finalists—winners in every way possible!

One last note of encouragement… Over 50 writers who entered the SYTYCW contest have been contacted by the Harlequin editors—and asked to either revise or submit the full manuscript. We hope to contract more authors for Harlequin soon!

SYTYCW & Wattpad Bonus Writing Contest!

New Adult Romance Series Contest: The results are in. The editors were impressed by the storytelling in the top 25 manuscripts. So much that they selected six winners instead of four! All six stories will be published by Harlequin in two New Adult eBook box sets in May & June 2014.

Congratulations to the winners, a truly global group!
Jo Watson, Johannesburg, South Africa — Burning Moon

Amber Lindley, United Kingdom — Confident Women

Sarah White, California, USA — Rookie in Love

Melinda Di Lorenzo, British Columbia, Canada — Promises Made, Promises Broken

Claire Chilton, York, England — Hunted Hearts

Avril Tremayne, Sydney, Australia — Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Avril is also a Top 10 finalist in the SYTYCW 2013 contest.

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