Harlequin Blaze Wants You!

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Interested in writing for Harlequin Blaze? Then let Assistant Editor Dana Hopkins introduce an awesome new opportunity to get noticed!

Sold cover 1You might imagine being an assistant editor at Harlequin is a pretty sweet job. And you’d be right. I spend a lot of my days curled up reading romance, or writing about romance, or talking about romance. But here’s something you may not know—we’re always looking for new writers!

We love to work with authors, helping establish strong careers and often collaborating for years on many wonderful books. But the only way to get these great authors is by reading manuscripts and bringing in new talent. And we want you to join our amazing family—as a Blaze author!

Blaze is Harlequin’s hottest line. Running 55,000 words, Blaze books feature sizzling chemistry, sexy situations, and page-turning plots. And Blaze is looking for fresh voices. That’s why we’re hosting #BlazeBlitz, a BIG opportunity for your sexy contemporary romance novel! Here’s how it works:

  • From March 2nd-16th, we invite you to send in your submission. You can read our full guidelines and submit your story here: https://harlequin.submittable.com/submit/39471
    • We want a 4-6 page detailed synopsis (a summary of your novel including major characters, plot points, and the ending—we don’t want to be left hanging about what happens!)
    • Your first chapter (up to twenty pages)
  • Every sexy contemporary submission will be read by one of the Harlequin Blaze editors and will receive a response that includes editorial feedback by April 30th. That’s an editorial response within 45 days. No form letters!
  • We’ll then request full manuscripts from the submissions that show promise for Blaze!

TSold cover 2his isn’t a contest but a chance to be read and get some helpful feedback in a very short time frame, and maybe even become the newest Harlequin Blaze author (or “Blaze Babe” as our authors call themselves!). If you’ve ever dreamed about being published, send us your submission. We want to read your story!

And check out the hashtag #BlazeBlitz on Twitter. We’ll be sharing tips, insider details, our wishlists, and more throughout the Blitz. Any questions? Leave a comment. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  1. Chris Buono


    Awesome new opportunity indeed!


    I had submitted something to a past Forum’s Writer’s Challenge. Rules say, basically, “Harlequin owns.”

    I’m sure that I can build that entry into a great title for Blaze. Is there any problem with me using it, somewhat as is, for this “BlazeBlitz” opportunity?

    • Dana Hopkins

      Hi, Chris. I don’t think that’s a problem but I’m checking into it to be sure. Do you happen to have the date or link handy for the challenge you submitted to? (For the #BlazeBlitz, we own nothing–your submission remains entirely your own.)

    • Hi, Chris,

      Did you happen to enter the Writing Challenge on the forums? If so, then there’s no need to worry, you can build up your entry and enter the BlazeBlitz. 🙂 Good luck!

      Rae-HQ Host

    • Chris Buono

      Thanks for chiming in with that, Rae! Really appreciated. 🙂


      Reading the posts below, know that I also have a completed ms from some time back. Has intrigue/mystery, too. Think I’ll review, polish, and submit it to BlazeBlitz here.

      Looking ahead, I’ll then turn my Forum Writer’s Challenge entry into a second book for Blaze. Multi-book contract? Hmm…dreaming is all part of the process. 🙂

    • Dana Hopkins

      Hi Julie. Thanks for your question. You can definitely submit a query for a work in progress–just be aware that we’ll be requesting fulls from promising submissions sometime before April 30th, and we want to see those manuscripts as soon as possible 🙂

  2. Leah Maser

    I started a Blaze novel a couple years ago and would love to use this call for submissions as an excuse to finish it! I still have some research to do(reading a few more Blaze titles since I’ve only read a handful, to be honest). Is there room for a bit of a mystery/suspense element in your books? Thanks so much!

    • Dana Hopkins

      There’s definitely a home for light suspense/mystery in Blaze, Leah. Good question! We want to keep the focus on the super-steamy relationship but a good mystery can make for a great sexy backdrop. Check out Meg Maguire’s TESTING THE LIMITS, Karen Foley’s MAKE ME MELT, Candace Havens’s SHE WHO DARES, WINS, or Jill Shalvis’s THE HEAT IS ON for some good examples. Oh, also the final trilogy from Cara Summers–NO RISK REFUSED, NO HOLDS BARRED, and NO DESIRE DENIED.

  3. Layna Pimentel

    Considering Blaze is looking for steamy romance with some well balanced suspense, how steamy can we make the book? I have a contemporary suspense that might be a fit, but it does contain some light kink. Would that be something Harlequin Blaze would be interested in?

    • Dana Hopkins

      Absolutely, Layna. While Harlequin doesn’t cross the line into erotica (we maintain focus on the way the physical relationship blossoms into loev and moves the plot forward), we do feature fully described love scenes and we have certainly published light kink before. (Take a look, for example, at Sara Jane Stone’s books.) We’d love to see yours!