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As you know, here on SOLD we love to answer our readers’ editorial queries – about manuscripts you might be working on right now, manuscripts you’re considering writing in the future, or general editorial queries as you work on honing your craft!

You can see questions we’ve previously answered in our ‘Dear Editor’ column here, but we’d love for you to submit more! So, if you have a burning question that you’d love to see answered, either tweet it to @HarlequinSYTYCW using the #DearEditor hashtag, or leave it in the comments section below.

Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

The SOLD team x

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  1. Dear Editor,

    I am writing the dreaded synopsis! How can I make mine stand out from the crowd? What do editors really want to see? I am targeting the Presents line with a super wealthy alpha hero and street smart yet innocent heroine with sizzling chemistry. Any advice gratefully received.

  2. Mary Fahey

    The editors tweeted good writing tips during the SYTYCW15 camp and since. Given the fly past nature of the twitter stream, I probably missed a few. Could you put them all together here or on the SYTYCW website?

    Can you do a post on sustaining romantic conflict. I can do the external and even internal conflicts but find the romantic conflict more difficult. I even find it hard to define.

    Can you do a post on credible motivations and ones you don’t think work. I see a lot of books where the hero or heroine have some major trauma but can a more subtle one do just as well. e.g. making the wrong career choice, always being picked last.