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Wondering how to enter So You Think You Can Write 2015 with Wattpad? Editorial Assistant Deirdre McCluskey walks you through the process!

You’ve probably heard by now that So You Think You Can Write has teamed up with Wattpad for our 2015 contest. What does this mean for you?

As always, we’re looking for great new voices in romantic fiction, and we’re offering the awesome Grand Prize of a two-book contract with Harlequin! Our free, interactive online conference for romance writers is happening at from September 14-18, 2015.

So what’s different this year? Two big, important things:

  1.  You must set up a profile on Wattpad and post your manuscript there to qualify for the contest.
  2. You must publish you romance manuscript on Wattpad in full by September 21, 2015.

Posting your manuscript on Wattpad gives you access to feedback from millions of readers. You can post your book now and make changes right up until the September 21 deadline!

To learn more about Wattpad, visit their site.

Check out our Rules and Regulations on Wattpad.

Read our FAQs on Wattpad.

The first thing you have to do to enter So You Think You Can Write 2015 is set up a profile on Wattpad. Your profile is your home on Wattpad and the place where readers discover your writing and learn more about you. You can join Wattpad on your mobile device or computer. We’re going to talk here about the web version since many of you will already have your romance manuscript on your computer and will want to add it from there.

You can join Wattpad either using your Facebook profile or an email address. To use your email, fill in the fields with the email address you would like associated with your account. When you have provided your information, select the Sign Up button to complete the process. You will receive an activation email soon after you sign up to verify your account.

Sign up

Once you’ve created an account, you’re ready to publish your story on your profile page. In Wattpad lingo, you’re going to “create a story.” To start the process, click “Create”

Create a Story_rev

And then, “Create a Story”

Create a Story 2

The first thing you’ll do is enter some information about your book. Click on “Title your story” to add the title, add a description, and complete the rest of the fields using the drop-down menus. Click “Save Changes” when you’re done.

Create a Story - add details

Make sure you tag your story on this details page. You can create as many tags as you want to improve discoverability, but you MUST include the contest hashtag (#SYTYCW15) and the hashtag for ONE of the 18 eligible Harlequin categories (example: #AmericanRomance) to qualify for contest entry.

If you choose more than one category hashtag your entry will be disqualified.

Just click on “Add a tag” and enter your tags. For the full list of eligible categories, see the Categories page on Wattpad. For the full list of eligible tags see our contest checklist.

Create a Story - tags

You can create a cover for your book, and it’s fun to do! (But you’ll still qualify for contest entry without a cover.) To create a cover, click “Edit Cover.” You can upload a cover you’ve already created and saved on your computer, or you can click “Create Cover.”

Create a Cover 1

If you choose to create a cover, you’ll be taken to the Cover Creator page where you can choose the details and create your cover.

Create a Cover 2

Now that you’ve included the details of your manuscript, you’re ready to enter your story. For the first phase of judging, we’ll be reading your 100-word pitch and Chapter One of your book. These MUST be added on Wattpad as Part 1 and Part 2 of your story. You can add your pitch and Chapter One by clicking “Create.” You’ll have the option of adding a New Story or a New Part to the story you added (in this picture I’ve already added my pitch and Chapter One.)

Add parts

Click on “New Part” and retitle “Untitled Part 1” to “Pitch Part 1,” type your pitch, maximum 100 words, in the text box, save and select “Publish.”

Add your pitch

Your first chapter MUST be Part 2 of your story. Select “New Part,” retitle “Untitled Part 2” to “Chapter One Part 2” and add your first Chapter to the text box by cutting and pasting from your manuscript document. Save and select “Publish.”

Add your first chapter

Note: If you are including a prologue, it must be included here with your first Chapter as “Part 2” of your story. The prologue and first chapter combined cannot exceed 5,000 words.

Add additional chapters to your story in the same way. You can add your chapters one at a time, or all in one session. Remember, your additional chapters cannot be in “Part 2.” They must be in Part 3 and onward.

Add more chapters to your story
Just be sure your full manuscript is posted and published on Wattpad by 4:59 EDT on September 21, 2015! The first phase of judging will be on the pitch and first chapter only, but the full manuscript MUST be posted by the September 21 deadline! This is a change from previous years, so don’t forget to review the timelines carefully!

You can go back to the details page and update details, change the cover, add tags, etc. at any time before September 21 at 4:59 EDT by selecting “Edit Story.”

Edit the details of your story

That’s it! Once you’ve set up your profile on Wattpad and published your story with the appropriate tags, you’re in! The contest is open now, so why wait? Good Luck!

Here’s a handy timeline:

July 2, 2015–September 21, 2015: Write and post your Harlequin romance novel on Wattpad.

September 22, 2015–October 6, 2015: Judges read pitch and first chapter ONLY (Part 1 and Part 2 on Wattpad) to determine the top 50 submissions, but full manuscript MUST be posted by September 21 to be eligible.

October 8, 2015–October 14, 2015: Go to and vote for your favorite top 50 submission. The top 25 out of these votes will move on!

October 15, 2015–November 9, 2015: The judges review the top 25 manuscripts in their entirety, and the top ten finalists move forward.

November 10, 2015–November 17, 2015: Go to and vote for your favorite!

November 19, 2015: We announce the winner!

Have more questions? Check out these important links:

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Or email us at

Follow So You Think You Can Write on Twitter @HarlequinSYTYCW, hashtag #SYTYCW15

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    In the hash tag area it has a bubble that says romance that I did not out in since my ms is targeted to medicalromance. I don’t know how romance got in there. Is that a watt pad auto one or will it disqualify me?