Thursday, Nov 10

Selling Your Book

Schedule of Events

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Time Type Title
10:00 Blog Going over results of synopsis
11:00 Blog Why Networking Is Important
11:00 Live Chat Advanced Networking: Going the Extra Mile to Get Your Story Out There
11:00 Blog What About S-E-X?
12:00 Twitter Where Do You Belong? Tips for Finding Your Home Line
1:00 Video Tales from a Romance Book Buyer
1:00 Blog We’ll Make You a Star! An Editor’s Advice on Building Your Career
1:00 Blog Mystery vs. Suspense, What’s the Difference?
2:00 Blog You Asked Retail Marketing!
3:00 Blog You Asked Digital Marketing!
3:00 Live Chat Reading Between the Lines–Differences and Overlap in Suspense, Passion and Home lines
4:00 Video Hello from Overseas!
Daily Assignment Submit Your Query Letter

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