It’s a Stop The Wedding #WritingChallenge!

Hi everyone,

This weekend, we’d love you to stop our fictional wedding with your best one-liner ever! We’ve written you a short intro below, and would love to see where you take it next!WritingChallenge image

Susanna’s nerves were thrumming, sending the blood pounding through her veins and keeping her acutely aware that on this, the biggest day of her life, there was a lot at stake.

The wedding cake was iced. The guests were crowding the beautiful church, waiting for the bride. Expectation filled the air until it almost stifled her under its weight. Susanna reassured herself that everything was ready; there was nothing left to go wrong… Nothing that was under her control, at least.

She drew in a deep steadying breath, reaching out to accept the bouquet from her bridesmaid a moment before the magnificent double doors to the church were thrown open.

But before she could take one step down the aisle, a voice shattered the silence.

Who interrupted Susanna’s wedding, and why? Give us the next line – just the one – that you think will hook the reader’s attention and set up a fabulous story!

Happy Writing!
The SYTYCW Editors x

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  1. Marna R.

    “There she is! There’s the woman who stole my husband!”

    (Not exactly one line, but yeah. Definitely would have me sitting up, and not to check out the bride’s dress. ^_^)

  2. Cristina

    “Hello, Clara,” Marco said, his voice every bit as dark and sexy as it had been the last time she’d seen him, nearly six years ago. “I thought I might find you here.”

  3. Pamela Murphy

    “There won’t be a wedding today Susanna, you and I are still married darlin’!” Chase stood smugly in the side entrance, worn jeans and untucked plaid shirt, his devious smirk a telling truth.

  4. Victoria Rocus

    Dr. Simmons tested a withered hand on his cane, and shook his free one at her in fury. “I can’t let you marry my android, Susanna. He’s not a sanctioned being.”

  5. Roberta C.

    “She isn’t who she claims to be!” A fifty-something woman with wild hair and even wilder eyes stood beside the last pew, pointing a shaky finger at Susanna.

  6. Jan VanEngen

    “Sorry to interrupt such proceedings, however it is advisable, since the bride is already married. To me,” declared Sheikh Jamal Sultan Al-Azeem of Karadar.

  7. Jan VanEngen

    “I have a warrant for your arrest Susanna York for the murder of your husband Sir Lloyd Peterson,” detective sergeant Daniel Steele stepped in front of her, handcuffs in hand.

  8. Jan VanEngen

    “Don’t you think life is a bore, if everything goes to plan, hey Susanna honey,” a deep southern voice drawled, “guess what, this one isn’t going to end pretty.”

  9. Jan VanEngen

    “One more step, my lovely Susanna, and you would face a life of misery, scandal, and shame. I would make sure of it,” the groom’s bother stated from the sidelines.

  10. Amanda.G

    “I don’t know what they told you or what they showed you, but that wasn’t my signature on those divorce papers, ” he said, pushing the bride aside and walking down the aisle.

  11. Rebecca Laurence

    The maid of honour hesitated and pulled the bouquet away from Susanna’s hands before she could grab it. “You need to come with me now if you want to save his life.”

  12. Tracy Coston

    “Susanna.” That voice from a past she had vanished from so long ago, said in the unnerving quiet tone she hated as much as nails on a chalkboard. “Their kind would never understand.” Turning, Susanna stared into the eyes of her true father. Her 700 year old, oh and let’s not forget from this planet, father.

  13. Kathryn

    Your fiancé just sold me the film rights to your wedding ceremony, I need everyone on the right hand side to move over or else his gambling debts are coming due!

  14. Denise Rae

    “Wait, Susanna”, the groom’s brother yelled as he entered the chapel. “My brother’s plane has not arrived and we lost contact with him 2 hours ago.”

  15. Ann Malley

    Susanna winced at the blast of a fire extinguisher, the flowers in her hands morphing into a mush of what looked to be her bosses birthday cake, the smell of roses settling into the acrid aroma of a singled Chanel business suit.

  16. “Honey your grooms checks bounced, his limo arrived empty and his cell is no longer in service” the wedding planner stated her sweet drawl now low and dangerous. “About the forty two thousand dollar bill, I take cash or credit cards.”

  17. Amanda Shivrattan

    ‘You say those damn vows to that man while pregnant with my child and I swear to God you’ll regret it for the rest of your life,’ a knowing voice threatened behind her.

  18. Dani Nichols

    “Susanna, you can’t go through with this!” Josiah exclaimed.
    “And why not, Josiah? You gave up your right to me four years ago. When you disappeared the night before our wedding.” Susanna replied.