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An editor’s guide to writing your synopsis

Susan Litman, Editor for Special Edition, brings you her guide to synopsis writing: the long and short of it! Every writer’s least favorite part of prepping a submission is the synopsis. Should it be long? How long? How short? How much detail? Does it matter if the heroine’s car is red or blue? (Truth is, it…

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Author Challenge: Synopsis Critique Results

  Thank you to all the authors who participated in the synopsis challenge! We had such a good time reading through the many quality entries, and we wish you all the best of luck with your submissions. With a range of settings and unique story ideas featuring celebrity chefs,music teachers, cowboys and bookshop owners, you crafted…

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Author Challenge! Submit Your Synopsis

Are you ready for the challenge? Send us your synopsis and you could receive feedback from one of our editors! No one really likes to write a synopsis, but it is a useful tool for editors. We refer back to them throughout the publishing process: when writing memos to recommend the stories to senior editors,…

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