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Inside Harlequin: Editorial with Nicola Caws!

  Today on the blog we launch our Inside Harlequin series! We talk with Nic Caws, Associate Editor at Harlequin, about what a day in the life of an editor entails, what she looks for when acquiring a book, and what upcoming titles she’s particularly looking forward to! What does a typical day look like…

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10 Tips for Writing a 21st Century Virgin

This week, Editorial Assistant Nicola Caws gives us her top 10 tips for writing a virgin heroine in the 21st century! The virgin heroine is a classic trope in romance, and no-one does it better than our brilliant Harlequin authors. But how do you get around the subject of virginity in the 21st century, when women and men…

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Series Spotlight on Harlequin Historical Romance

This month, the series spotlight is on Harlequin Historical, and we have a very special presentation for you to enjoy – see below! Sit back, relax and click on ‘Start Prezi’. Then simply click through the presentation using the left and right arrows on screen or on your keyboard, and you’re good to go! (When…

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