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#WritingChallenge: 3-Sentence Pitch

By now if you’re participating in the Write Your Romance in 150 Days challenge, you’re one month in – that’s one-fifth of the way to the finish line, authors! – and thinking deeply about the essentials of your romance novel. What are the essentials? According to Love Inspired Editor Emily Rodmell in this post from…

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Pitching for Newbies

by JC Harroway So you’ve finished your manuscript, you’ve bought your ticket to conference and now…. the dreaded pitching looms. Of course, it sounds daunting. It involves selling yourself and your story—something that doesn’t come naturally to many of us introverted writers—and it often leads to a dead end. Rejection Alley. The above scenario certainly…

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Advice from The Archives: How to Pitch!

This week, we’ve got a gem from SYTYCW 2012 by Emily Rodmell – how to find the essence of your plot in two sentences, for that perfect elevator pitch! Getting published can be like fishing. You’ve got to hook your editor or agent and make them long to read your book. The same can be said…

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