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#WritingChallenge: Single Dads!

by Deirdre The single dad hero is a romance trope we love! Strong, caring, and self-reliant, single dads are heroes. So heroic in fact, it might be hard to motivate your heroine to not fall in love right away. Maybe your heroine’s just out of a relationship and is relishing the freedom of single life.…

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My (Not-So-Secret) Crush: Poussey Washington

by Assistant Editor Brittany Lavery Attention: There will be no spoilers, I promise! Anyone who talks to me about t.v. will know that I love Orange Is the New Black because of its complex characters with varied backstories and for its focus on the lives of women, people of colour, queer people, and trans people.…

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Historical Heroes: Take the Quiz!

Today is the last day of our #HistoricalBlitz, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have! We can’t wait to get reading! Now you’ve done the hard work and sent your submission into us, we thought you deserved a bit of a treat, and a fun quiz to help brighten up your…

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