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Romance 101: Secondary Characters

Harlequin insider Grace Thiele talks you through bringing those wonderful secondary characters to life! Bonjour, aspiring authors! It’s my pleasure to be returning to Romance 101 – and I’m so excited to be writing about the use of secondary characters! In short, this is any character aside from your hero and heroine. These feats of the imagination…

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Advice from the Archives: Secondary Characters, Get Outta Here!

Ever read a book that felt like it was fighting a battle called the Invasion of the Secondary Characters? Where the main characters couldn’t get a word in edgewise, let alone live their lives or fall in love or accomplish anything exciting due to being overshadowed by other, less-important characters who think they’re running the…

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Special Edition Authors Confess: Balancing Secondary Characters with the Main Couple

Community plays a significant role in Harlequin Special Edition books! But how can you keep the focus on the couple in your story without neglecting secondary characters…? We asked our Special Edition authors to share how they strike the right balance in their books. Read on for our authors’ confessions… Merline Lovelace A larger cast of characters does present challenges, especially to those…

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