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#RomanceIncludesYou: Finding your romance voice

This post was previously published in a different version on So You Think You Can Write. We’re republishing here as part of our #RomanceIncludesYou initiative to introduce new authors to writing for Harlequin. Read on for tips from Senior Editor Patience Bloom on the sometimes elusive concept of “voice” in writing. A writer’s voice is…

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#WritingChallenge: Find your voice

By Deirdre McCluskey, Harlequin Series This week we’ve been talking about voice. Difficult to define, yet unmistakable when you see it, your romance voice is an expression of your point of view. It affects word choice, characters, and plot, and makes the story uniquely yours. But in order for your voice to be heard, you…

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Voice 101: Getting Some Perspective on First and Third Person

Read on, and don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #sytycw. What point of view should you choose for your romance novel? Carina Press Senior Editor Kerri Buckley offers tips on first person POV and Editorial Assistant Nicola Caws talks about third person narration, head-hopping and more. Getting Some Perspective on…

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