Top 50 Manuscripts!

Right now the Harlequin editors are busy reading the fifty selected complete manuscripts, but we wanted to give everyone the chance to read the first chapters and see the openings that drew our editors in.  By early November we’ll have narrowed it down to ten, and then on November 12th we’ll be inviting the readers to choose just which manuscript is the winner of the 2013 So You Think You Can Write contest!

Good luck to all—and keep writing!


The Top 50 Manuscripts

A Fight For Shelter by Elise Hepner, Harlequin Intrigue®

Undercover by Tanya Russell, Harlequin Intrigue®

Alex’s Return – Secrets of St Sebastian by Tasha Taylor, Harlequin Intrigue®

Undone by Tyler Anne Snell, Harlequin Intrigue®

Frozen Lives by Andie Brock, Harlequin Presents® (Mills & Boon Modern Romance)

The Fashion Victim by Lorna Sweeney, Harlequin Presents® (Mills & Boon Modern Romance)

The Sheikh’s Kidnapped Bride by Maggie Ellen, Harlequin Presents® (Mills & Boon Modern Romance)

FORBIDDEN LOVE by NAS CEE, Harlequin Presents® (Mills & Boon Modern Romance)

Behind the Scandalous Facade by Rachael Thomas, Harlequin Presents® (Mills & Boon Modern Romance)

The Soldier’s Surrender by Alexis Prager, Harlequin® American Romance®

The Surgeon & the Cowgirl by Heidi Hormel, Harlequin® American Romance®

Small Town Love by Kristen Brockmeyer, Harlequin® American Romance®

Counselor Undone by Lisa Rayne, Harlequin® Desire

Tell Me No Lies by  Fiona Marsden, Harlequin® Desire

Tea Rose by T.R. McClure, Harlequin® Heartwarming™

Back to Love by Sophia Sasson, Harlequin® Heartwarming™

Etiquette with the Devil by Rebecca Paula, Harlequin® Historical (Mills & Boon Historical Romance)

Accidental Time Traveller by Kristina O’Grady, Harlequin® Historical (Mills & Boon Historical Romance)

Honour of the Heart by DeeDee Elle, Harlequin® Historical (Mills & Boon Historical Romance)

The Commander’s Unsuitable Bride by Lenore Lock, Harlequin® Historical (Mills & Boon Historical Romance)

Steal Your Heart by Tia Kelly, Harlequin® Kimani™ Romance

Here Comes the Bridesmaid by Avril Tremayne, Harlequin® KISS

Winner Takes All by Amber Page, Harlequin® KISS

Liquidation by Traci Douglass, Harlequin® KISS

A Second Chance with the Playboy by Charlotte McFall, Harlequin® Medical Romance™ (Mills & Boon Medical Romance)

Always the Midwife, Never the Mommy by Denise Chavers, Harlequin® Medical Romance™ (Mills & Boon Medical Romance)

Daring Dr Damaged by Louise Kerr, Harlequin® Medical Romance™ (Mills & Boon Medical Romance)

The Surgeon’s Christmas Promise by Annie O’Neill, Harlequin® Medical Romance™ (Mills & Boon Medical Romance)

Midnight Room by Dawn Luedecke, Harlequin® Nocturne™

Of Shadow Born by S. L. Gray, Harlequin® Nocturne™

A Hero in Handcuffs by Jo Fereday, Harlequin® Romance (Mills & Boon Cherish and Mills & Boon Riva)

The Space Between Heartbeats by Tamsin Haverley, Harlequin® Romance (Mills & Boon Cherish and Mills & Boon Riva)

If Only by  Tanya Wright, Harlequin® Romance (Mills & Boon Cherish and Mills & Boon Riva)

Heroes and Heartache by  Carrie Nichols, Harlequin® Romantic Suspense

Kira’s Keeper by Jan Schliesman, Harlequin® Romantic Suspense

Red with a Side of Danger by Jennifer Hoopes, Harlequin® Romantic Suspense

House of Glass by Jen Christie, Harlequin® Shivers

The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall by Lauren Smith, Harlequin® Shivers

Second Chance by Vikki Holstein, Harlequin® Special Edition

Josey’s Mountain by Kelly Hyatt, Harlequin® Special Edition

Coming Home by Stephanie Maxwell, Harlequin® Special Edition

The Honeymoon by Anne Garcia, Harlequin® Superromance®

The Christmas Tree Guy T.H. Foust, Harlequin® Superromance®

The Storm by Michelle Johnson, Harlequin® Superromance®

Believe In Me by Autumn Macarthur, Heartsong Presents™

The Good Samaritan by M.B. Zehring, Love Inspired®

A Blessed Silence by Dana Lynn, Love Inspired®

The Promise of Spring by Martha Hutchens, Love Inspired® Historical

The Preacher’s Promise by Piper Huguley, Love Inspired® Historical

Secret Admirer (Big Sky Bounty Hunters) by Ginger King, Love Inspired® Suspense

52 Responses to Top 50 Manuscripts!

  1. Nellas Clavell (@NellasClavell) says:

    So many congrats to the top 50!! *off to read through my favorites again!*

  2. Tasha Taylor says:

    Congratulations to my fellow 49 finalists. What an achievement to get this far. Way to go! xoxox

  3. Tamsin Haverley says:

    Thrilled, proud, and astounded to be on this list – what company I’ve got! Can’t wait to dive in to all the great stories here!

  4. Anne Garcia says:

    Very honored and happy to be listed here. Congrats and best wishes to my fellow finalists!

  5. Piper Huguley says:

    So glad to be here in your company! I’ll enjoy reading over the next few days!

  6. This is an amazing honor to be a part of this group. Congratulations everyone!

  7. Stephanie Maxwell says:

    It’s such a thrill to have made it this far! I’m really enjoying all of the other chapters too – congrats to everyone! I’m so glad to be part of this group.

  8. Fiona Marsden says:

    What a wide ranging list of stories. Something for everyone. Congratulations Top Fifty peeps. Such a lot of talent in the pool.

  9. Kelly Hyatt says:

    Cowgirls don’t cry. Except for today. Very honored to be included.

  10. Carol Opalinski says:

    Congrats to my fellow Fifty!!! I am honored to be a part of this group. This has been such an amazing and thrilling experience.

  11. Wendy L Curtis (@wendylcurtis) says:

    Bloody amazing job, everyone. I have no clue how the eds will scale these down to a top ten because they are all fantastic.

  12. Kristen Brockmeyer says:

    This is fantastic – congratulations, everyone! I’m so glad to be part of this wonderfully talented group. :)

  13. I am in amazing company! So glad to be listed with my fellow finalists! Good luck to everyone!

  14. Jennifer Hayward says:

    Congratulations to the top 50!! I can’t wait to read them :)

  15. Mary-Theresa says:

    I agree with Wendy–it’s going to be hard to narrow it down! Happily, though there can only be one winner, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more contracts in the offing! After all, we bought about ten from non-winners of various contests! Including at least four from last year…. :)

  16. Traci Douglass says:

    So excited to have made Top 50 and congrats to all the awesome entries on this list! Great way to start off the weekend. :D

  17. Angi Morgan says:

    Best of luck to all the finalists! You’ve put in the work and all deserve the very best !!

  18. Congratulations to all! No matter the outcome, count yourselves as 50 winners. We’re rooting for you!

  19. Cheril Vernon says:

    Congrats to the Top 50! Can’t wait to start reading!

  20. Mary Jane Campbell says:

    Congratulations to the top 50! congratulations on achieving a major milestone!

  21. Dottie Taylor-Lillie J. Roberts says:

    Congrats to the top 50 finalist!!

  22. Dawn Luedecke says:

    I feel so privileged to be on this list. Thank you so much, and good luck to everyone!

  23. This has been an amazing journey. I am humbled to be on this list with so many outstanding entries. Good luck and best wishes to all.

  24. Kristina O'Grady says:

    A big congratulations to all my fellow Top 50! I am so excited for all of us making it this far. Good luck for the next round!

  25. Avril Tremayne says:

    I am so thrilled to be one of the finalists. No matter what happens next, this is a great day for all of us. Good luck everyone!

  26. Rachael Thomas says:

    I am so pleased to be on the Top 50 list with such amazing talent. Congratulations and good luck to you all!

  27. Charlotte McFall says:

    Congrats to the other 49 top fifty entries, So excited to see my entry up there and can’t wait to read all the other entries xxx

  28. Lenore Lock says:

    Thrilled to see my chapter in the top 50 among so many other great entries! Good luck everyone.

  29. Nia Forrester says:

    Congrats all, and especially to my friend Tia Kelly!

  30. I’m so excited to be part of this list. Congratulations to everyone. Can’t wait to read the other entries!

  31. I’m so blessed and grateful to be included in this list as the sole Heartsong candidate!

    Congratulations to the other semi-finalists, I’m excited to read the chapters I haven’t yet read.

    And I’m praying for those who didn’t final that editor requests are in your future anyway. I read some awesome chapters that aren’t on the list, the decision making process the editors went through to narrow it down to only fifty semi-finalists across all the lines must have been tough, with so many strong chapters.

    Personally, I believe everyone who entered is a winner, and one step closer to their dream of publication with Harlequin. So many people say they want to write a romance and do nothing. Every single entrant stopped just talking about it or thinking about it, and did it! We all deserve to be proud of ourselves and hold our heads high for having a go.

    Keep on writing, writing, writing until that wonderful day you first see your name on a Harlequin cover!

  32. Carrie Brady says:

    Wow, what a lovely thing to say Autumn, how inspirational.

    Congratulations everyone and the very best of luck to you all. I know what hard work it has taken to get where you are. You deserve the glory. Cx

  33. Well done fellow nominees :) best of luck in the next round …. Quite a roller-coaster ride :) hope to see these names on book covers soon … Fingers crossed

  34. Joanne Hill says:

    Well done you top 50!!! Keep calm and don’t devour too much chocolate…

  35. Andie Brock says:

    Fifty Shouts of Yay! Sorry… that was bad, wasn’t it? But I think we are all entitled to be a bit over excited right now. Best of luck to everyone.

  36. Heidi Hormel says:

    I definitely feel honored to be a part of this wonderful group of writers and stories! I’m already working on the next book because that’s just how writers roll ;-)

  37. DeeDee Elle says:

    No chance of too much chocolate Joanne- I couldn’t eat all day when I heard I was through!

  38. vikki holstein says:

    wow, congrats everyone that entered, and the top fifty. cant believe i made the list this year! some great entries, and i think i just read the winner, cant wait to see if i’m right ;)

  39. Unfortunately I did not make it through… but I am so pleased to see Josey’s Mountain by Kelly Hyatt in the top 50! Out of the 20 of so first chapters that I read, it was definitely my favourite. Now off to read some more!
    Good luck to you all!! Well done!

  40. Super Congratulations to the fifty finalists!!! Enjoy! And yay! to everyone who tossed their ms in the ring! You did it!!!

  41. M. B. Zehring says:

    Big congrats to the top 50!
    I’m very grateful to be included myself, thank you!

  42. Patience Bloom says:

    Congratulations to the fifty finalists!

  43. Tricia Saxby says:

    Congrats to everyone! Good luck on the next stage.

  44. Tanya Russell says:

    Oh my Gosh – excited doesn’t begin to cover it. I feelso honoured to be part if this list – what amazing talent to be surrounded by – well done to everyone, not just the final 50. The pleasure of creating characters we love is something we are all so fortunate to experience x

  45. Wow! What a tough job for Harlequin editors to narrow the list to 50 and then to a final winner. I did not make the top 50 but then again I see that the trend nowadays is for the story to jump right in to the scene stealer or where the two main characters meet. I love back story as long as it doesn’t get too heavy. I love classic film where there is much dialogue and back story. So, I’ll put on another hat and try again. After I submitted my first chapter I saw that I could have dropped at least three paragraphs from the opening and still have been ahead of the game…but was too close to the story before I submitted to see it. Thanks Harlequin for the push to write, edit and submit. And for all of us, keep on keeping on with words as they make the world spin a touch better and minds meet! (Script For Love)And you may find me on Facebook and Twitter: Geotravel

  46. Jane Linfoot says:

    Well done to everyone here, and so great to see so many very familiar names. This is an awesome competition! Huge congratulations, and good luck to you all XX

  47. Good luck, everyone! And, thanks so much to the Harlequin editors who placed me in the Top 50. I am honored to be in such great company. Special thanks to the unknown editor who did my first page critique during the First Page Challenge. Your honest feedback led to changes that I am certain made my entry the semifinalist it turned out to be.

  48. Maggie Ellen says:

    I feel immensely privileged and frankly humbled to be selected for my Presents chapter.
    I read many of the entries, there is a lot of talented writers out there, my hat definitely goes off to them.
    In the end we are all winners. We completed something that others could read and enjoy.
    To those of you who have read my entry, a very big thank you.

  49. I would not want to be the one picking the top ten. So far, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read.

  50. It’s been a long road for both the writers and the editors. Good luck to the 50 finalists as we move forward!

  51. Congrats to all the top 50 and good luck.

  52. Patricia Davis says:

    So many wonderful stories among the 50. Congratulations to everyone on this list.

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