Which Series Are You? Part 1

If you’re interested in submitting to Harlequin as part of our #RomanceIncludesYou initiative, one of the first questions you might be asking yourself is…which romance series is my voice right for?

We publish twelve different series, with 4-8 books per month within each individual series.

To help you make that all-important decision, below is a snapshot of six of our series, along with links to more information. We’ll post snapshots of the next six series on Friday. Any questions, let us know in the comments below, and happy exploring!


We Are…

  • Harlequin’s most explicit romance series.
  • Ultra-alpha heroes, from billionaires to bikers, plus empowered, fun, fearless heroines
  • Modern, memorable and all about fantasies

Keyword: Bold

We Aren’t…

  • Erotica, paranormal, western, military or historical
  • Small towns or sweet

 You Have…

  • A distinct, contemporary voice
  • The ability to write scorching hot sex scenes

Read: Make Me Crave by Katee Robert

Watch: Fifty Shades of Grey

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We Are…

  • The ultimate escape: passion meets glamour
  • Irresistible, powerful heroes and the heroines who aren’t afraid to challenge them
  • High stakes emotional conflict and connection
  • International settings and classic romance themes: think marriage of convenience, secret babies, billionaires, with your own unique twist

Keyword: Intense

We Aren’t…

  • Family sagas
  • Americana

You Have…

  • A passion for passion
  • An intense voice that reflects the relationship between the hero and heroine

Read:The Perfect Cazorla Wife by Michelle Smart

Watch: Harlequin Presents is Fifty Shades of Grey for the powerful, wealthy hero, and the intensity of their attraction. It’s the James Bond films (or, coming to a cinema near you this summer, Crazy Rich Asians) for the international, luxurious settings!

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We Are…

  • Sexy, dramatic and set in a world of wealth and opulence
  • Larger than life stories: blackmail, secret babies and long-hidden skeletons in the closet
  • More than just the hero and heroine’s relationship: think shocking plot twists and family sagas

Keyword: Dramatic

We Aren’t…

  • International
  • Introverted

 You Love…

  • Classic soap opera stories and tropes
  • Making a “larger than life” story believable

 Read: On Temporary Terms by Janice Maynard

Watch: Dynasty reboot

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We Are…

  • Heartfelt, down-home romance
  • Subtle or sizzling, as long as it’s all about the couple!
  • Babies, brides and cowboys
  • Real-life conflicts and complex characters

Keyword: Meaningful

We Aren’t…

  • International glamor
  • Alpha males

 You Have…

  • A story that immerses readers into the emotional lives of the hero and heroine

Read: Home to Wickham Falls by Rochelle Alers

Watch: Parenthood

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We Are…

  • Relatable, ‘whisk me away’ romances
  • All about the heroine! You want to be in her shoes as she experiences the rush of falling in love.
  • Glamorous and aspirational
  • Sensual, emotional, uplifting with low sensuality.

Keyword: Emotional

We Aren’t…

  • Cowboys or westerns
  • Small town or family focused
  • Sexually explicit

 You Have…

  • A fresh voice that brings the feeling of falling in love to life
  • An ability to write feel-good, entertaining and fresh-paced romances

Read: Falling for His Convenient Queen by Therese Beharrie

Watch: The Holiday

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We Are…

  • Wholesome, complex and emotionally satisfying romances you can share with your daughter or grandmother
  • Traditional but contemporary
  • Available in print through Harlequin’s Book Club subscription service or in ebook at all major retailers

Keyword: Tender

We Aren’t…

  • Explicit in any way
  • Religious
  • Historical

 You Have…

  • A talent for bringing complicated, realistic characters to life

Read: The Rancher’s Twins by Carol Ross

Watch: Sleepless in Seattle

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  1. Chrissie

    Wow! This is awesome and explains a whole lot more than the Submittable page or even reading within the line. Thank you! Now I hope I have submitted one of my ms. to the correct line. Oops!

    • Chris Buono

      Not to worry, Chrissie! Should you have “accidentally” submitted your ms to what you believe was the incorrect line here, the editors work together, in that sense, and, will pass your material onto the appropriate person/line. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Hana Sheik

    This is awesome! Thanks so much for the break down (I still refer to the wish list SYTYCW posted in December). 🙂

    For Harlequin Romance, does “glamorous and aspirational” translate to wealth and beautiful settings? As in, the hero whisking the heroine into his world of wealth. Or, you know, maybe she’s rich too, and they live glamorously? (I figure I should read more Romances. ^_^)

    • Chrissie

      Heartwarming and Romance are behind closed doors, more emotional than sensual. Special Editon can be sexy with sex scenes, but not overboard. The other three? You can get pretty hot in all of them but DARE is the hottest and most explicit. Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Marcie R

      Actually, Heartwarming doesn’t even give the illusion of the couple going behind closed doors. There may be a kiss or a hug, but there is “no morning after” scene like I’ve read in Romance.

  3. Well constructed. But I’m still unsure. My ms is much like Dare’s Make Me Crave without the off colour diaglogue or hot sex. My ms doesn’t include small town, westerns, family focused, sexually explicit, babies, brides, cowboys, classic soap opera, tropes, Americana or family saga themes. What to do? Which line. My ms is contemporary with contemporary dialogue, confident women and men reluctantly revealing their failings and emotional weaknesses and taking pride in successes in all areas of life. Backdrop is a vineyard. Yes, i’m still confused as to which line.

  4. How should the manuscript be formatted? 8 1/2″ x 11″ double-spaced? Is there any specific font or should Times New Roman be used as a default? Should the manuscript be submitted as a PDF file? Thank you in advance for the response.