Warriors Wanted! Harlequin Historical Blitz

June 5 - June 21, 2020

The Harlequin Historical/Mills & Boon Historical series is excited to launch this new blitz for aspiring authors!

Our readers around the world love Viking, Medieval and Highlander stories, and we’re looking for more talented new voices to write romances against these evocative settings.

These are the times of the ultimate alpha hero—whether he’s a Medieval knight, a Highland laird or a Viking warrior! He’s rough, tough, and brave in battle, but also prepared to fight for the woman he loves…

This is an opportunity to showcase your historical warrior romance to our editors and get some helpful feedback in an accelerated time frame—and maybe even become the newest Harlequin Historical/Mills & Boon Historical author!

Warriors Wanted! Blitz—everything you need to know:

  • Opens Friday 5th June 2020. Submit to us here!
  • Make sure your submission is long enough. One chapter should be about 3000-5000 words.
  • Submit the first chapter and synopsis here
  • Closes at 7 p.m. EST/midnight UK BST Sunday 21st June 2020.
  • All submissions will be read and responded to by 12 noon EST/5p.m. UK BST Monday 6th July.

If we love your submission we’ll invite you to submit further chapters and work with you on developing your story.

This blitz is specifically targeting Viking, Medieval and Highlander era romances, but we’re always looking for Historical submissions from under-represented authors set in other historical time periods. You can submit to Harlequin Historical at any time via Submittable. We’d love to read your story!

Be sure to join the Harlequin Writing Community on Facebook to keep up with all the great content and events for this blitz!

Event Descriptions

June 1st

  • June 1 - Blitz Bootcamp Opens! Author & Editor Tips

  • Join us on the Harlequin Writing Community on Facebook to kick off Blitz Bootcamp with editor and author tips! Hear what they have to say on writing for Harlequin Historical and crafting your best blitz proposal!
  • June 3 - Q&A with Historical Author Jenni Fletcher

  • Q&A with award-winning Harlequin Historical author Jenni Fletcher—one of our most versatile authors, who has written Roman, Viking, Medieval, Regency and Victorian romances for the series! 12 noon EST (5 p.m. UK BST).
  • June 4 - Q&A with Historical Editor Carly Byrne

  • Q&A with Carly Byrne, an editor on the Harlequin Historical series team. Carly has worked with a variety of Historical authors and loves a Viking! Find out how to write a great submission from her! 12 noon est (5 p.m. UK BST).

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