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Top Ten Reasons to Love a Cowboy

This just in, from the desk of Carly Silver, assistant editor for Harlequin Romantic Suspense (on Twitter at @carlyasilver)! Whether they’re sexy rancher-CEOs who know how to ride a bull as well as they can command a boardroom or sweet single dads who are just looking for a lady to lasso their hearts, here are…

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Series Spotlight: Desire

Welcome to today’s spotlight for one of Harlequin’s bestselling category lines: Harlequin Desire! At Desire, we publish reads that are emotional, dramatic, sexy, and romantic. Because Desire novels are category romances, we need to see character and plot tropes, but what you do with them is up to you! We want juicy, soap opera plots.…

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10 Reasons to Love a Cowboy!

Ok fine, we admit it – editors can be shallow. But honestly – who can resist a cowboy hero? Here are the reasons why we definitely can’t…! There’s no sexier greeting than a ‘howdy ma’am’ in a sultry western drawl… See 1, but accompanied by a tipping of the Stetson He’s a man who’s not afraid to…

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