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Ready, Set, Write!—A SYTYCW Advice Round-Up

As our loyal readers know, we’ve been doing this for a very long time. This blog contains years of posts (and incredible comments), but with so much good stuff it can be tricky to search through our entire backlog. We thought now would be the perfect time to create this resource for hopeful writers everywhere!…

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Suggestions from the Slush Pile: 3 Mistakes to Avoid!

by Evan Yeong The title of this post may hit a bit too close to home for those of us experiencing the middle of yet another frigid winter, but hopefully our tips help you take your mind off the weather! The “slush pile” has nothing to do with snow and ice and everything to do…

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Adding Emotion to Daring, Sexy Scenes

by Patience Bloom You may not think that emotion is crucial to a sex scene. There is the cliché that sometimes, “It’s just sex.” But is this really true? Think about it: two complex individuals coming together for this intimate act, which will be different from any other coupling. How is that “just sex?” In…

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