Write for Harlequin Romance!

Could you be our next Harlequin Romance author?

Harlequin Romance is always looking for new authors! We’re committed to finding and nurturing brilliant, contemporary new voices—and now is your chance to be one of them!

We’re hosting a Harlequin Romance Blitz, a big opportunity for your Harlequin Romance submission to get fast-tracked.

Submit your contemporary Harlequin Romance submission between February 1st and Valentine’s Day. Get a response, including editorial feedback, by Wednesday, February 21st!

Harlequin Romance offers uplifting escapes featuring real, relatable women and strong, deeply desirable men in 50,000-word contemporary romances set in glamorous locations around the world.  Relatable characters, engaging emotional drama, low sensuality and an unforgettable love story are a must!  Check out our full guidelines at submittable.com here.


What you need to know:

  • The Harlequin Romance Blitz will run from Thursday 1st February 2018Wednesday 14th February 2018.
  • We’re looking for a cover letter that introduces you and your book and includes any previous publishing credits, first chapter and complete synopsis only – no need to have the full manuscript written!
  • If we love the voice, we’ll invite you to submit further chapters and work with you on developing your story to its full potential. Please note that requests for additional chapters are not a guarantee of publication.
  • For details on how to submit and for full Ts and Cs please go to harlequin.submittable.com, Harlequin Romance Blitz.  This page will be live from Thursday 1st February 2018 – Wednesday 14th February 2018.
  • Only one entry per person.
  • All entries will receive editorial feedback by Wednesday 21st February 2018.

This isn’t a contest but a chance to showcase your work to our editors and get some helpful feedback in an accelerated time frame, and maybe even become the newest Harlequin Romance author. If you’ve ever dreamed about being published, send us your submission. We want to read your story!

Here are a few tips on what makes the perfect Harlequin Romance:

  • The heroine: she is key in this series! She needs to be relatable and her story should make the reader wish they were in her shoes!
  • The hero: he’s gorgeous, successful and a strong man who is worthy of the heroine.
  • Settings are glamourous, aspirational international locations that whisk the reader away.
  • Captivating internal emotional conflicts are at the heart of each story.
  • These stories are high on emotional and sensual tension but the bedroom door stays firmly shut.
  • We’re not currently looking for any cowboy/western themed stories.

Just because these romances are sweet, it doesn’t mean they can’t be edge-of-the-seat exciting! This is the home of feel-good, entertaining and fresh-paced romance.

Keep an eye on soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com and follow the editorial team on Twitter @SheilaHodgsonMR, @CarlyMByrne and @cellisharlequin for more writing tips and exclusive content!

Any questions? Leave a comment. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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  1. Deborah Taylor

    Valentine’s Day just got a whole lot more exciting! Thanks Harlequin for this wonderful opportunity. And good luck to all those who submit. Could be the start of a beautiful new relationship… with an amazing editor!!

    • Billionaires and royal heroes are most welcome but not all heroes are super rich, international tycoons. He just needs to be successful, wealthy in his own right but there are many ways he could have got there. Most important quality is that he’s worthy of the heroine!

  2. kisha friday

    I would love to participate but i dont know the first thing about exotic locations. The closest i may have came to was Mrytle Beach in South Carolina. Not much of a traverler and if a submission calls for exotic places I’m pretty much stomped. There isnt really anything glamorous where I live. Its more small town like setting. What am I to do? Kind of sad now.

    • We’re not currently looking for small settings that’s true – perhaps this is the chance to research dream holiday destinations online or re-watch a favourite movie that has a glamorous setting for inspiration?! Urban locations are good too, doesn’t necessarily have to be exotic!

  3. Kimmie Ferrell

    Hello Harlequin Romance Editors,

    I was wondering, are there any tips you all can offer authors looking to submit to Harlequin Romance? Also, are there any troupes you all would like to see more of?

  4. Meg Teara

    This is amazing news! I am currently writing a romance that setting takes place in Chicago, but the main character is from Texas– in which she returns home to for a funeral. It has and amazing stoyline, it’s a southern romance theme, not real sure if it would be considered a western. But I promise its something new and heart snatchin’. ;).

    With all that said, can I still submit?
    **Sorry for typo’s busy day and I am using my cellphone to comment. Yikes!**

  5. Trinity Lemm

    Hello! I am ecstatic to enter the blitz! My only question is could my one-page prologue be entered along with my first chapter? Or would you just prefer the first chapter only?

    Thank you!
    Trinity Lemm

  6. Hi, thanks for another fabulous opportunity.

    Would a strong, powerful hero who is leading a secret double life be an automatic no-no? Nothing ominous like married with kids or his secret sex dungeon, more something that he is passionate about but it’s frowned upon by the society he lives in and the expectations of him because of who he is.

  7. Melanie Conrad

    I had started to write a book for Harlequin many decades ago and have 3 chapters! I am so excited as a new author to bring it out of hibernation and have revised the first chapter. I but had done the whole outline of the story, etc. I can’t seem to find out the specifics of margins, double-spaced, type and size of font requirements. Can you please help me? Thank you!!

  8. Margaret Wells

    Good afternoon,

    I’d like to offer my services as a ghostwriter to the Harlequin team, should such a need exist. I’ve been training as a novelist for the last five years. In that time, I’ve written 20 novels (1.5 million words.) I’ve studied under Brandon Sanderson, Patricia Hickman, and Robert McKee.

    I’ve included an excerpt from my latest novel as an initial example of my writing. I’ve studied under masters, but my true credentials lie in the caliber of my work. I’d be pleased to offer my middle grade novel ALICE PEREGRINE SMITH AND THE EXTRAORDINARY CLUE HUNT as an example of how I’m able to handle character development, dialogue, and pacing.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Margaret Wells


    When I was ten years old, I played Peter Pan onstage.
    It was the best night of my life, not just because my mom was clapping in the audience, but because I got to be someone else. For an hour and fifteen minutes, in a bad costume under yellow school-stage-lights, I was more my true self than the self I lived in ordinary life. Peter Pan was me, for one night. Never mind that Peter Pan was a boy. Never mind that I’d nearly been cast as Tiger Lily, simply because I’m White-Black-Latino-and-2%-Native-American and I “looked the part.” Never mind that a white boy should have been Peter.
    I was Peter. Because at the auditions, I’d won the right to wear green tights and pretend to fly onstage. I’d let the real me rip out for those ten minutes that I held my audition script, and I would never be the same again. They saw that I could do it. They saw that I was better. They let me be Peter, because, after ten years of hiding and playing nice—I had a true self to release. And I somehow found the power to do that, with my toes curled up inside my sneakers and twelve adults and all my classmates watching me.
    It’s not real, I told myself. You can be.
    So for the first time in my life, I was.
    I became a theater addict. Posters on the wall. Musicals playing every second that I wasn’t listening to someone else. In the hallways alone at school, if I knew no one was watching, I would lift my arms like that and pretend to fly. Earbuds in, listening to Wicked, I’d defy gravity as a fifteen-year-old who let herself be real only when her world wasn’t.
    That’s what you need to know about me, to begin. That’s all you need to know.
    I love theater, and I pretend.




  10. Rodney J. Franko (pen name Laura Lamy)

    My Christian Regency Romance novel was published by eLectio press May 2017. Being a senior citizen with ailments, I am not able to promote it to their or my satisfaction. My novel deserves a wider audience which I know your company can reach. May I send you a copy of my book, so that you may see for yourself if it will suit your company’s interests? Thank you.

  11. Rene MacDonald

    I have 93000 words, and will end up with aprox 110,000. It’s a love story of an Alaskan commercial fisherman, and a female obstetrician, a travel doctor assigned to the hospital in the fisherman’s hometown. I’m writing it with a sequel in mind. The female is a Christian, the male is not a Christian, yet. There is some light wine drinking, and some spiritual talk about the female’s plan for the future. There is no sex, but I believe I’ve created plenty of passion between these two characters.
    They are both seniors.
    None of this fits with your guidelines, but I was wondering if you had any feedback you could send my way.
    It’s my first book.

  12. Judy Lennington

    I’m a self published author of 19 fictional novels. I would like to try my hand at writing for Harlequin. I do not have a finished manuscript at this time and would like some information on how the process works. Please email me or call me at 330 219 7793.